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Are you hungry for success, with an insatiable drive to achieve greatness? Do you keep it real, valuing others' strengths and staying open to learning? We need smart individuals with emotional intelligence and powerful people skills to build our dynamic crew. Being “Hungry" means an unstoppable drive for greatness, always aiming to improve and excel. "Humble" keeps it real, recognizing and valuing others' strengths while staying open to learning. And let's not forget “Smart" – emotional intelligence and strong people skills to build a powerful team. Together, we believe in the winning combo – hungry, humble, and smart! With this dynamic crew, we crush challenges, ignite innovation, and achieve jaw-dropping success! If you're ready to be part of a team that sparks magic, join us!

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"I’ve worked with Caul Group for almost 8 years and by far it’s the best place I’ve worked! Building my mindset and growing myself not only professionally but personally has been onRead MoreRead Less
"Aligning my business with Caul Group has had such a positive impact on my life! Partnering with Tina has provided me the support and guidance that I needed not only to focus my futRead MoreRead Less
"I became interested in Caul Group because I had a friend on the team that was successful, thriving, and happy. She invited me to come see why they were different. It’s important Read MoreRead Less
"Picking a team seemed pretty intimidating at first. Being an agent in this ever-changing industry comes with a hefty price tag if you lack knowledge, community, and a supportive enRead MoreRead Less
"I joined Caul Group to learn and be around the best. Tina Caul has proven year after year to be one of the top realtors in the triangle and being a firm believer in the proximityRead MoreRead Less
"Before obtaining my real estate license, I immersed myself in researching top producing agents and leading teams in the Triangle. During my search, I came across Tina Caul on YouTuRead MoreRead Less
"I've always believed that in order to excel, you need to surround yourself with excellence. As I searched for a brokerage to partner with, Caul Group powered by eXp stood out in evRead MoreRead Less
"For me working on a real estate team offers collaboration, shared resources, and specialized roles. This provides me enhanced efficiency and a higher level of client service. At tRead MoreRead Less
"I was drawn to Caul Group Residential by their unwavering commitment to excellence in real estate. Their innovative approach, strong ethical values, and collaborative environment iRead MoreRead Less
"The reasons I joined Caul Group is one because of the culture, I’ve never experienced a better work environment and the people here make you feel like family. Two the support and sRead MoreRead Less
"Caul Group Residential truly transformed my career and personal life. They provided me with the tools, knowledge, motivation and dedication to achieve my goals and excel in the indRead MoreRead Less
"I initially had reservations about joining the Caul Group, as I'm cautious about assuming that things are better elsewhere. However, attending an all-team meeting changed my perspeRead MoreRead Less
"Choosing to partner with Caul Group was a game-changer. Their supportive culture and effective training have not only grown my business but also transformed me personally. I've leaRead MoreRead Less
"When I joined Caul Group 2021, I came from a solo agent position and had been on a smaller team prior. The atmosphere drew me in before I even knew about the systems and structure.Read MoreRead Less
"For over 5 years, my journey as a Real Estate agent has been intricately intertwined with Caul Group, a partnership that has proven to be nothing short of transformative. As I reflRead MoreRead Less
"What specifically about Caul Group attracted you to the team? I was seeing all the agents (over social media) have so much fun in the office and yet selling a ton of homes and thoRead MoreRead Less
"What specifically about Caul Group attracted you to the team? The energetic & collaborative environment! CGR encourages lifelong learning and skill development... essential to be Read MoreRead Less
"Surrounded by like-minded individuals ready to elevate their businesses, the Caul Group has proven invaluable to me. Through this community, I continually acquire knowledge from myRead MoreRead Less
"Aligning my real estate business with Caul Group Residential has offered several potential benefits and opportunities. Here are some reasons why I highly considered this alignment:Read MoreRead Less
"The culture, resources and support that Caul Group offers is unlike anything else out there. I’m grateful every day to be surrounded by the best agents in the industry who genuinelRead MoreRead Less